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Name:Sara Summers
This is a RP journal for [info]marvel_nextgen. Nothing here is for real.

Physical description:
5' 6", 120 lbs, dark blonde hair, blue eyes. (Eyes can glow red. orange, yellow, white, violet, or green when she's using her powers, depending on the strength and wavelength.) 21 years old.

Sara can generate, manipulate, and absorb all forms of radiation on the electromagnetic spectrum, from radio waves to gamma rays. In addition, she can see all these wavelengths with her eyes, and she is immune to any harmful effects. Her powers are charged up by absorbing ambient radiation of all kinds. She can use her powers to heat the air around her, creating thermal currents that enable her to fly. Sara is bright, although not a genius, and she has excellent mechanical and spatial aptitude. Due to Apocalypse's machinations, she is stronger and more durable than she appears. (In the low range of Enhanced Human for her size and weight.) Also thanks to Apocalypse, she is able to sense and absorb the lifeforce of living beings and plants, which she finds distressing. She is unwilling to use the extra abilities Apocalypse gave her except under the most extreme circumstances.

Weaknesses and flaws: Sara has some issues from the time she was under Apocalypse's control. Guilt over what he made her do, and fear that the dark Famine persona still exists within her. This mainly manifests as an eating disorder when she is under stress. (Immediately after she was freed from Apocalypse she refused to eat food at all for several months, existing only on the energy she could absorb from sunlight and other sources of radiation. While her mutant physiology allows her to do this, and in fact, she needs to absorb some kind of radiation to remain healthy, it is difficult and harmful for her to attempt to exist only on radiation for a prolonged period of time.) She is acutely aware of what her family name means, both good and bad, and she is driven to live up to the ideals and legacy of the X-Men... even if it kills her.

Character location/Home:
New Mutants house, NJ

Student at Rutgers, majoring in Political Science/Aeronautics
Group Affiliation:
New Mutants

Relatives: She's a Summers. She doesn't have a family tree, she has a Periodic Table of Relatives.
Parents: Scott & Jean Grey Summers
Siblings: Rachel Grey & Nathan Christopher Dayspring Askani'son Summers
Cousin: Christopher Summers
Don't ask about the 37 alternate future children.
Other Relationships:
Sara is very close to her New Mutant teammates, particularly Aiden Blaire and Angel Wagner, who are like surrogate siblings to her. (Angel, especially, as the two of them grew up together at the Xavier Institute)
She is dating Bruce Jones, of the Avengers.

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